Sermons are like a stew on a stove that start with a basic stock (scripture and comment), but acquire a unique recipe because of added unique, diverse, personal ingredients that listeners add. “Sermon stews” should all be community cooking. The process more than the product adds up to a “God-think” stew.

Each week, I’ll post a recording. You can stir the stew with some added thought, some disagreement, but most of all, I would like to read how you think some ingredient affects the taste of your own life – how the thoughts and comments in the conversation here apply to how you try to be a Christian in your own world.

My only hidden agenda is that we as Chrisitians and church should start thinking about eternal realities in terms of the 21st century. After all, the next Renaissance and Reformation have already begun.

If you didn’t sip the stew on the stove at 2ndPres, join us any (and every) Sunday. Bookmark this page, download and listen at, then come back and get to cooking. No matter how good or bad the stew may be from week to week, it still needs your seasoning. Post a comment.


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  1. Great sermon, but still more questions than answers. I expected a lot of comments.

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